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p52.2 framed: playing with composition [lines no. 2]

I stroll along the streets of Park Slope in search of lines to capture. I fancy a row of houses on President Street. They remind me a little of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco, save for their less fanciful, distinctly flat rooftops. I ready my camera, and channel a bit of my inner Uta Barth, throwing the image out of focus for a bit of visual interest.

Artsy schmartsy.


Brownstone Brooklyn, Out of Focus


[Note: This post is part of a year-long collaborative photography project dedicated to the exploration of composition. This week’s exploration is devoted to the use of horizontal or vertical lines. To see the rest of the images from my fellow participants and to learn more about this project, please go to our amazing collective website, Who We Become.]

And how is your heart, soul and spirit today?


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