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p52.2 framed: playing with composition [perspective no. 2]

A stroll home on a quiet winter’s day. We meander through Crown Heights on our way home from a birthday party when we should happen to pass another of Brooklyn’s most excellent murals.

After an exhausting January filled with the usual toil of post-holiday recovery and a seemingly neverending round-robin of two kids taking turns being sick, the Brooklyn Pattons are once again ready for take-off.

Boy In Front of  a Mural, Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY


[Note: This post is part of a year-long collaborative photography project dedicated to the exploration of composition. This week’s exploration is devoted to perspective and medium- and large-format aspect ratio. This image utilizes a 16×9 aspect ratio. To see the rest of the images from my fellow participants and to learn more about this project, please go to our amazing collective website, Who We Become.]

And how is your heart, soul and spirit today?

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