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p52.2 framed: playing with composition [photographer’s choice of the year]

Nearly every week for the past year I have been devoted to the study of creative composition, with the help of my very dear friends over at Who We Become. This week, our final week of P52.2 Framed: Playing With Composition, the challenge is to create one compositonally creative image inspired by this year of study, or to select one image from our past year that we find especially compelling within the context of composition.

My choice is an image I captured of my children running on the Cherry Esplanade at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last spring. I love this image for all the sentimental reasons – the meaningful location, the palpable joy, the amazing explosion of pink! I also love it for all the nerdy compositional reasons, like the placement of their bodies, the sense of motion, the way they are framed by the trees and especially for the expression of color theory. I love the contrast of the bright and frilly pinks and reds next to the sea of green and pop of blue. It makes me sigh a happy sigh. For me the deliberate use of color has been the biggest takeaway during this course of study. Where as before, the pleasing use of color in my images would often be  a happy accident of circumstance or location, I have become increasingly deliberate in my use of color, especially complementary colors and the use of tone-on-tone (analogous). I know the work I have done as part of this year-long exercise has been instrumental in helping to elevate my work, even if it is only inching its way to greatness. I want to thank all my photography friends for their support and inspiration over the past year. (You know who you are!)

I am excited for what is next in store for us over at Who We Become! In the meantime please visit our last installment of our latest 52-week project Framed: Playing With Composition and check out the penultimate Photographer’s Choice selections of these amazing photographers who I am also honored to call my friends.

Children Running on the Cherry Esplanade at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden



JessieSeptember 29, 2014 - 4:06 pm

Gah- I adore this shot for all the reasons you mentioned above. I feel like I am catching a fleeting glimpse of these two happier than life siblings!

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