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And This Our Life: Going Places

I love back-of-the-head shots. They impart a sense of mystery and, in many cases, a sense of anticipation for the viewer. Where is the subject going? What is she looking at? An implied journey for the viewer and subject alike.

I recently purchased a new point-and-shoot, the Canon EOS M, and have been taking it with me almost everywhere I go as an alternative to my always-handy-but-not-always-sharp iPhone 4s. I love my iPhone camera – like in a “then why don’t you marry it” kind of way – but every now and again I will capture an image which I simply adore but which is decidedly lacking in the necessary pixels to successfully print or enlarge. I have been on the lookout for a well-priced camera that is small enough that my future posture will be grateful, but big enough in features that it can serve as an on-the-go alternative to my posture-destroying Canon 5D Mark ii. I have been sorting and editing images that I took recently with the EOS and this is one of my favorites that I took just yesterday at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

I love the sense of scale, the splendid wonder of all that luscious foliage (yes, right here in Brooklyn), and the palpable serenity. There is something very satisfying about being (almost) alone in a quiet place.

Little Girl Walking in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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