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And This Our Life: Sketching and Fetching

As a photographer, I love backlight and soft, dewy flattering light most of all, but mainly I am a sucker for light that is simply interesting.  This image, from our visit to see the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney Museum last month, is one of my favorite from a series of images where Embley was completely engrossed in her sketching (she loves to sketch when we visit art museums) while strategically seated in a gorgeous patch of hard light near an enormous window on the third floor. The lines, framing, geometry, and shadows in this image are the additional ingredients of kind of satisfying visual icing. I am also partial to images taken from a bird’s eye view, thought the opportunity to capture images this way do not organically present themselves very often.

I blogged another image that I love from the same day here, which I possibly love even more for the rich and textured cityscape in the background.

Little Girl Sketching

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