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Who We Become: Some Favorite Holiday Card Outtakes

We have not yet decided on this year’s Christmas card from the Brooklyn Pattons, but I did want to share a few favorite outtakes from an impromptu non-session session during a spectacular autumn day here in Brooklyn last week. I especially love this one with my youngest peeking playfully over her shoulder. This image can’t make it through the ranks of the prestigious front-of-the-card competition, as it doesn’t feel quite right to send off a card where one child’s face is showing and the other’s face is not. But I have grown increasingly smitten with images of people walking away from the camera and I love how this image both combines my affection for that contemplative action with the playful spirit of my buoyant little 5 year-old. Plus, leaves!

Siblings in Brooklyn on a gorgeous autumn day

Speaking of leaves – I was pleased when I saw this image on the back of the camera. My daughter was quite serious with the leaf bouquet she assembled during our adventure that day. She held them with such poise as I zeroed in for a close-up. I posted  a color version to my Facebook business page but I also converted it to black and white and am quite happy with the effect. I am grappling with a bit of an internal creative struggle, as I know this image is well-served by the bountiful colors that surrounded us that day, but I love how a black and white treatment brings a sort of solemnity to the image, and how the texture of the leaves burst with tactual character. (And yes, I totally just used the word “tactual”.)

Girl Holding Leaf Bouquet, black and white

Today’s post is part of a collaborative blog project I have proudly been a part of for over two years now. We are on a brief hiatus as we sort our next year-long project but we have decided to continue to post favorite images each week throughout the holiday season.  We hope you will continue to enjoy our work during this brief interlude – please take a moment to check out the latest shares this time around from our blog collective over at Who We Become.

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[…] fall weather, and managed to get a lot of images that make me very happy. I have already shared an image of my daughter being very serious with the leaf bouquet she gathered. Here is another that I love from the same […]

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