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P52.3: A Year of Exploring Artistry at Who We Become

I recently decided to take a photography hiatus during the month of January. I realized I always have a kind of January Slump after a busy fall of photographing other people’s families and aiming to capture all the meaningful moments of my own family’s rites and rituals during the holidays. It’s a lot of perpetual clicking away to ensure I don’t miss the moment. Then the dull, gray winter days creep in, and for a spell picking up the camera feels like a chore. I decided this year it was okay to keep the camera tucked away if it meant a break would help me to feel refreshed and excited to get back to it once February started to roll in.

I am getting back into the swing of things on Instagram and also with my friends over at Who We Become. We are excited to start a third year of our collaborative photography project. After a year chasing light and last year’s exploration of composition, this year we are exploring art and artistry in ways that are less technical and more individually personal. To kick off this year’s project, we are all sharing an image we have defined as “comfortable” – ¬†images that are, perhaps, easy to capture, that we might each say about our own selected image, “This is totally in my wheelhouse.” I chose an image taken earlier today with my iPhone – certainly my most “comfortable” camera, and also my favorite one in terms of its ease of use and flexibility . This is from a visit to the Museum of Modern Art to go see Matisse’s The Cut-Outs (inspiring, playful, and magical – “no photography, please”). We were there to celebrate my daughter’s 6th birthday. We sought out some of the permanent collection after the Matisse exhibit, and I captured this image of my daughter taking in all the Warhols. This is, I suppose, a classic “me” image, and one with which I am also quite smitten.

I struggle with defining “comfortable” as something with a possibly negative connotation from a creative perspective, but I am along for the ride and excited to see where this year takes me and my fellow photographers. Check out more of the images from our first week of Year Three over at Who We Become. And thanks for stopping by!

Little Girl Looking at Andy Warhol

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