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The Last Time You Saw Me Here

When is the last time you saw me here?

self-portrait in a dirty mirror

It’s been longer than expected. First, the move to our new house. Then a visit from the in-laws. (Side note: I’ve been Instagraming our brownstone life – now with improved breathing room! – with plucky frequency after the barren days of January. Also: “Instgramming” in not a real word. ) Plus two birthday parties and a photography class to figure out the business side of things.

I imported about a thousand photos from the past few months last night. Normally I do that sort of thing on a more real-time basis but unpacking your entire life will take the normal right out of you. Before removing ourselves entirely from our old apartment last month, we hosted a farewell gathering there and I took some photographs, including a few pictures of myself in our bathroom mirror. In the days leading up to the move I gave up on cleaning altogether. I like my place tidy if I can help it, but it was the right move at the time. I am calling these images “Self-Portrait with Plastic Tiara in a Dirty Mirror.”

Self-Portrait with Plastic Tiara in Dirty Mirror #2

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