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May Day

May 1, 2015

Today I found a love letter from Mr Patton’s old girlfriend Nina (not her real name).

It was a lovely postcard from Paris, carefully composed. Also, a bunch of old Playbills (many from productions starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, do you remember him in True West?), thousands of photos, a bag of souvenirs from our 2003 trip to Spain.

In our new home we have an office where everything goes to chill until we can figure out where to put it all. Mr Patton finished unpacking the rest of our books a few days ago and  today I finished boxing up our donation pile. Next up: keepsakes and mementos. I filled four 30-gallon storage bins plus a bunch of assorted boxes with the miscellany from our combined lives. I intend to use the KonMari method to transform it from a messy random pile into something meaningful and enjoyable. One day.

Word of the day: ephemera.

Today’s weather: a high of 59 degrees. Another cool spring-like day.

This iPhone photograph is from a few days ago, when I went with the kids to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during a beautiful spring day. Happy May!



Tulips at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden


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