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May 11

Today I saw white seeded dandelions in the native flora garden at the BBG. They harbor secret wishes that come true if you blow their seeds to dust.

It was Mother’s Day. We waited almost two hours to be seated at our favorite neighborhood joint. Apparently everyone else got the memo, too. We ended up leaving rather hungry when they informed us we were likely to wait at least another 40 minutes. So much for that mimosa. In the meanwhile, Mr Patton was out of town at a friend’s wedding. Some guys have all the luck.

We grabbed some protein bars at the corner bodega and hopped the S train to the Botanic Garden.

Fluffy dandelions

Little Girl Waling Along a Grassy Field

Siblings at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Lilacs make everything better.

Little Girl Beneath a Lilac Tree

Little Girl Beneath a Lilac Tree

Brother and Sister Beneath a Lilac Tree

It was also one of the last days to see the cherry blossoms before they disappeared altogether. More petals were on the ground than in the trees. Still. they bring out the best in everyone.

Brother and Sister in the Cherry Blossom Petals

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