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Eight Days A Week: May 2016

Over the past two months I have been taking an online group mentoring class led by renowned wedding and family photographer Kirsten Lewis. Kirsten’s disciplined journalistic approach to photographing families is completely different than the directed and semi-directed method I have been using to photograph my own family and my clients’ families. She teaches her students to wait patiently for a moment to happen, and to clue into anticipating photo-worthy moments as they are about to happen. It is so SO much harder to wait for the moment to unfold on its own than to give just a little nudge to encourage a moment to happen the way I want it to. I kind of feel like I am a beginner photographer and learning to work a whole new set of muscles that I never even knew existed. I actually hate most of my photos these days – guh! – but I am very much inspired to keep working this new skill set and to make stronger, more interesting photographs than before.

If you look real close, you will see the cell phone our son is talking on is vintage – a Blackberry. Yes, Mr. Patton, our resident anti-early-adopter, still uses a Blackberry to talk to all the people. Better than smoke signals, I guess.

Little Boy Talking on a Cell Phone

This post is part of a monthly collaborative photography project called Eight Days A Week. Please take a moment to check out the work of another contributor to this project, my lovely and talented friend Erica Collins.

MegsMay 16, 2016 - 1:50 pm

Beautifully captured. I can totally see how it wouldn’t be as powerful of an image if you had nudged it into fruition rather than waiting for it. Great job! <3

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